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2 Minute Acrylic Sand Timer


Filled with vibrant red sand this is a heavy, substantial piece.  The hourglass is encased in acrylic, protecting it from breaking, making it an ideal gift for children (or children at heart).


  • 1"D x 4"H
  • 2 minute timer

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Hourglass Sand Timer Accuracy

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I like its shape, size and color.

Safe Timer

I use this little timer to be sure I have brushed my teeth long enough. It is safe to use in the bathroom, doesn’t take space, and looks pretty. Perfect!

Irene S.
Emily’s bday gift

The product is a small quality hourglass perfect for a seven-year-old. It is tiny but works great for little ones because it is acrylic. The vacuum created by the acrylic causes it to stick sometimes until you tap it to jolt the sand down is the only problem with it. The red sand stands out very nicely.

Rosann L.
2-Minute Timer

The timer itself is well made, as far as its look, size and sand color. However, the sand does not flow on its own and always needs a tap or two initially to get it flowing. A flaw that is not good, as this is a measure of time and not effective for the purpose it should provide. I still use it, but would be great if it functioned without the flawed delay of release.

Thank you for your review! Yes because the globe on this hourglass is fully encased and the glass can't 'breathe' we recommend when turning it over you give it a good tap on the surface which breaks the vacuum. Should flow smoothly if you do that!

Justhourglasses Team

Jami W.

I love that this timer is encased in acrylic so that my children can't break it, but I have to constantly watch the timer to make sure the sand is dropping because it consistently stops.

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