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240 Minute Hand Blown Sand Timer


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Standing almost 18" tall this brand new hourglass is our largest modern timer and the longest running at 4 hours!

  • Grey or Navy sand
  • Hand Blown Glass
  • Hourglass: 7"D x 17.5"H 
  • Usually ships within 2-4 days, delivery an additional 2-7 business days via Fedex Ground

Hourglass Sand Timer Accuracy

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Based on 6 reviews
Sarah P.
Excellent service, wonderful product!

Customer service was extremely helpful and the product exceeded our expectations! Overall great experience:)

Gary B.
Awesome Glass

This is a huge hourglass! So far the biggest in my collection. The blue sand adds to it's "attention drawing" quality. The timing is very accurate. Justhourglasses has done it again!

Mark F.
Big Blue!

I was looking for a two hour timer and found this one. Very nice! It is very accurate as well. I have the blue sand and love it. It is fun to watch it flow and nice that you have four hours before flipping it again. The sand has flowed well in mine each time with no stopping. Makes a great addition to my desk. Comes extremely well packaged and is a good value.

Nice and BIG

Even though the description said it stood almost 18 inches high, I was unprepared for its size. It's huge!

It shipped well protected; custom Styrofoam packaging from the manufacturer which was then shipped in a larger box with plenty of peanuts.

Appears to be quality construction. The glass at the little hole (waist?) looks pretty thick for added strength. I hold it by the filled half when inverting to avoid excess stress on the glass. Although not mentioned in the description, I think the glass is borosilicate. This is generic Pyrex (R) and is used in glass coffee pots. It is a strong, quality glass.

It is pretty accurate, within about a minute of 4 hours. Runtimes will vary somewhat with temperature.

The "sand" is not actually sand, but very small glass beads. I prefer this since they are spherical and more uniform than sand grains.

The only problem I've had is that it will occasionally get stuck when first inverted. This happens only when the temperature is around 70 degrees F or cooler. A few taps will get it going and then it will run without any problems.

The only recommendation I have for the manufacturer is to make the narrow hole just a little larger to avoid getting stuck when first inverted.

Frankly, I'd like to see an hourglass this size with a shorter runtime of 60 or 90 or 120 minutes. Use the same amount of sand, just make the hole larger.

Altogether this is a fine hourglass at a reasonable price.

Brian K.
So Nice

I have had zero problems with this hourglass. I enjoy it very much. It helps me on longer time-frames than the 1-hour time pieces. I got it so I can concentrate on studies or longer gaming limits. It's also quite large and makes a wonderful centerpiece for my window.

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