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Hourglass Sand Timer Kits You Assemble

Our Signature Collection hourglasses can be sent to you in kit form so you can customize the sand (or other material) in your hourglass.    In particular this has become very popular for use in wedding ceremonies.   Generally used as a substitute for lighting a unity candle, the bride and groom use the sand ceremony to symbolize the start of their lives together by combining sand in an hourglass.   The bride and groom often use different colored sand and once sealed the hourglass can be part of the décor of their new home.

wedding sand ceremony hourglass

What's Included:

  • Disassembled hourglass from our Signature Collection
  • Standard globe with tan sand (cannot mix with other sand)
  •               OR
  • Empty globe with no sand (runs faster than standard)
  • Assembly Instructions
  • Epoxy for sealing the glass globe

What's NOT Included:

  • Wood glue
  • Funnel
  • Containers for your sand
  • Engraving (available separately - see options)

Still have questions (i.e. how much sand to add etc)? See our FAQ page by clicking here

wedding sand ceremony sand timer

Hourglasses Available As Kits:
White Oak Hourglass
5 stars
(11 Reviews)
Cherry Hourglass
4.5 stars
(23 Reviews)
Padauk Hourglass
5 stars
(34 Reviews)
Walnut Hourglass
5 stars
(43 Reviews)
Chechen Hourglass
5 stars
(8 Reviews)
Zebrawood Hourglass
5 stars
(14 Reviews)
Bubinga Hourglass
5 stars
(5 Reviews)
Grenadillo Hourglass
5 stars
(9 Reviews)
Cocobolo Hourglass
5 stars
(51 Reviews)
Ziricote Hourglass
5 stars
(19 Reviews)

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