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Unity Sand

When visiting the Just Hour Glasses website, users will be more than awed by the huge range and selection of hour glasses which are sold on our site. The buyer can take their pick from hour glasses in varying materials, sizes and in different time durations. The hour glass is a lot more than just a simple timekeeping apparatus, and for many, an hour glass represents a brand new start, a new challenge, and a renewal of hope. As such, a lot of modern couples who would before have made use of the unity candle to form part of their wedding ceremony have decide to show their unity and love with a sand hour glass.

The unity sand glass hour kit, which is available for purchase on the Just Hour Glasses website, is the signature Just Hour Glasses’ sand hour glass and during the wedding ceremony, the couple is free to add sand or any other material to the hand blown glass globe of the gorgeous hour glass. Our company specializes in the supply of hour glasses, such as the very appealing unity sand kits, and like our other hour glasses, these kits are offered in a choice of sizes and for the couple keen to have an authentic sand hour glass to use at their wedding ceremony, our company will arrange the shipment of the unity sand hour glass and the hour glass can also be engraved to show the date of the wedding, as well as the names of the couple, which means that the unity sand hour glass will become a wonderful reminder of the joyous celebration in which two hearts and souls united.

As opposed to the traditional unity candle, unity sand hour glass can last forever, and is also a decorative piece, while the solid construction of the uniqueunity sand hour glass will be cherished by future generations. The fact that most couples still use the unity candle allows the unity sand hour glass to be a unique accessory at a wedding ceremony and will also add a special touch throughout the celebration. An hour glass has been around for centuries, and it has been used as a functional timekeeping device, and of late, the hour glass has formed part of several wedding ceremonies and has successfully managed to signify the coming together of two lives, two hearts and two souls. The sand which runs through the unity sand hour glass demonstrates the circle of life, new beginnings and unity. As the unity sand hour glass shows the joining of hearts and two lives while the sand trickles through the hand blown globe of the hour glass, the wedded couple begins their journey together.

In order to learn more about the various styles of hour glasses offered by Just Hour Glasses, take a moment to browse our website, While viewing our site, be sure to go through our great hour glass super deals as well as the top sellers of our handcrafted hour glasses shown on our website. Since the unity sand hour glass can be made from different types of materials, including wood, metal or marble, the couple is free to opt for a unity sand hour glass that best suits their personal tastes and a unity sand hour glass that will add compliment to their home.