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Freestanding Hourglass with Green Sand 60 Minute


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SALE THIS WEEK! This elegant and modern glass hourglass is a beautiful and functional addition to your home or office decor. Standing 8" tall and 3" in diameter, this modern 60 minute sand timer is filled with soothing green sand. Makes the perfect gift for team building or for everyday occasions.

Hourglass Sand Timers Made in USA   Made in the USA

Hourglass Sand Timer Accuracy

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Jason Harms J.H. Jason H.
Great timing

The package came undamaged and in a timely manner... I am very pleased...

Pat P. Pat
Thank You Just

Good construction unique in color.
Very happy with the product

The customer service was exceptional. Our order was international as we needed it shipped to Ireland and within a certain time. The service representative couldn't have done more. We were confident that we would receive the hour glass in time.

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