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Horus 5 Minute Sand Timer


Horus, the ancient Egyptian god of sky and kingship, is depicted on this intricate, cold cast resin hourglass. He was considered to be a celestial falcon, a god of war and protector of pharoahs. A great gift for hourglass collectors and lovers of ancient mythology.


  • 3.75"D x 6" H

Hourglass Sand Timer Accuracy

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Stewart Alexander S.A. Stewart A.
Horus Hourglass

It was smaller than I thought it would be, but that's my own fault for not reading the dimensions that were posted.
Excellent detail and colour. I also requested a small plaque to be attached with a dedication on it which was done accurately and clearly. My only concern was with a fluid soaked into the packaging box, but this had not permeated the styrofoam protection around the hourglass and hadn't affected the finish of the hourglass. I suspect something happened while in transit with the courier.
Overall it is a wonderful work and I will be ordering from them again!

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