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Silver 30 Minute Hourglass-Stand


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This 30 minute hourglass is a true collectors model that can be displayed as your desk accessory or table centerpiece in your home or office. Silver timer on sturdy, attractive rosewood stand, painted black for a nice contrast.

18th Century industrial design, collectible because of its combined historical and practical value with an aged patina and distressed stand, it hangs from the stand allowing you to rotate it.


  • 7.28 L x 5.12 W x 10.04 H.
  • Yellow OR white  sand

Hourglass Sand Timer Accuracy

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Philip B.
Marine-style sandglass, 30 - minute

I received the AM007 silver 30-minute sandglass recently. I found the workmanship satisfactory - the slides worked a lot better after I applied a little coating of bike grease. I was actually pretty amazed at its accuracy - five seconds short of exactly 30 minutes. So one part in 360 or 0.2% accurate. I like the yellow sand and the compact design. The company honored my request to omit the stand as I meant to hang it as shown.

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