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Hourglass and Sand Timer Kit FAQ

What's Included:

What's NOT Included:

How long before I receive my hourglass?
Most of our hourglasses are made when ordered. They generally arrive in about 2-3 weeks, a little longer when engraving is added. A few others ship within 2 business days and arrive in 2-7 business days with the included shipping method.  Add a week to 10 days for engraving. The individual product pages will tell you estimated ship times.

How do I fill the hourglass?
For your wedding ceremony we recommend you partially assemble your hourglass frame and insert the glass globe with the open end up (instructions are included in your package). During the ceremony you will add sand to the globe. See examples here.

What’s the difference between the empty globe and globe with sand?   Both options can be used in a sand ceremony for a wedding.  The empty globe has a larger center hole to accommodate most types of sand so it runs fast. This is the option customers choose when they want to add their own sand, i.e. two different colors. The globe with sand (only available with Signature Collection hourglasses) comes with the tan sand you see pictured and no other colors are available. It's also the only sand you may use in the globe during your sand ceremony as if you try to mix it with your own sand it will not flow.  Customers who want an accurate hourglass once the sand ceremony is done choose this option.

Do you have other colors of sand available?
Yes we have a small selection of colors now available for purchase for use in your empty globe.  Click here if you wish to see them

Where can I buy other colors of sand?

There are numerous websites dedicated to selling sand for sand ceremonies.* Also hobby stores such Hobby Lobby usually have colored sand.  With any sand you use we recommend you test it to make sure it flows properly before you seal your globe and sieve the sand if necessary to remove any large or irregular pieces. A fine sieve or paint cloth works well for this purpose, FYI.

*customers have reported issues with Michael's Unity Sand and

Are the kits accurate?
If you choose the globe with tan sand option available with our Signature Collection hourglasses, yes they are accurate. The empty globe is designed with a larger center hole to accommodate all types of sand so it runs fast (usually 20-30 minutes depending on your sand and how much you add)..

How much sand do I need to add to the empty globe?
That’s up to you. The empty globe option is not accurate so how full or empty you want the globe to be is an aesthetic choice. In general the 4x6 size holds about 1/4 cup and the 6x10 size holds about 1/2 cup, 8x12 size about 1 cup. For customers using the kit during their wedding we suggest you test your sand prior to the ceremony to make sure it flows properly.

Can I use the hourglass as an urn?

Hourglasses are becoming a pleasing choice for use as an urn. We have globes made especially for this purpose (larger center holes to allow the ashes to flow more freely) and if you click here you can see your choices.  Please contact us at if you have any special requests for material other than sand or ashes and we will try to accommodate you.

Can I personalize the hourglass and if so what is the cost?
Yes the hourglasses can be engraved and the cost depends on the option you choose (plate or laser engraving) and the length/complexity of the engraving. In general the plate options are $20-$36 and the wood engraving is $35-$50. Please fill out the "click to personalize with engraving" on the product page or send us an email at with exactly what you want engraved and we can get back to you with an accurate quote.

What is the size of the opening of the hourglass and do you sell funnels?
The opening is approximately ¼” in diameter (the 4x6 size is smaller) and no we do not sell funnels. Because of the small hole size it can be difficult to find a funnel small enough to fit in the hole but still have wide mouth. Some of our customers have found it easier to fashion one. Click here for some ideas!

How do I assemble my hourglass?
Your kit will come disassembled - endcaps, spindles and glass globe - with instructions on how to put it together.  You will partially assemble the hourglass, set the globe inside the frame (make sure to support it) and it's ready to fill.  Once the hourglass is filled you will seal the globe with the included metal cap and epoxy, let set for 24 hours and then attach the 2nd endcap. Very easy.

Do you sell any other hourglasses that can be ordered in kit form?
No, all of our other hourglasses outside the ones on our "Hourglasses You Fill" page are mass manufactured with enclosed globes so it's not possible to add sand to them.

May I add material other than sand to my kit?
It depends on the consistency of the material.  Weight and size determines what will flow.  Some customers have requested hourglasses for their loved one's remains.  We have hourglasses designed specifically for that purpose and if you search for "urn" in the search box your options will be displayed.



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