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60 Minute Freestanding Glass Timer in Black or White


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New! This freestanding 60 minute sand timer is filled with black or white sand. Makes a great gift and it's flat base makes it very sturdy as well! Available in two sizes.


  • 1.75"D x 5.25"H or 2"D x7.25"H
  • 60 minute
  • Black or white sand
  • Ships via First Class Mail, normal delivery time 2-7 business days

Hourglass Sand Timer Engraving Available   Engraving available - see ideas - request quote  

Hourglass Sand Timer Accuracy

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Philip T.
I love it

I really thought it would be bigger but it is really a great size. The time is 1 hour and 25 seconds. I ordered the black sand one first and just ordered the one with white sand.

Ryan D.
60min freestanding white hourglass

Broke 5 days after purchase using it to time a reading session. It was not slammed or forcefully set down upon my coffee table, I picked it up, proceeded to turn it upside down and set it on the table, only to see it crack.

I also ordered the hourglass pen, that product I give 5 stars.

rick m.
black sand hour glass and white sand hour glass

white sand one is nice and pretty close to hour but the black sand unit i just received is more like hour half or more, have not timed it yet but even look at it and it has what appears to be twice the amount sand in it. it is alot heavier also. i did not bye these to be for time acurracy just my mom used to have one back in the day. i will make wooden frames to put mine in

Gary B.
A Simple Piece

This is a small item of glass and sand. I ordered black. A relative, who is not an hourglass person, was very much impressed by it. It runs a consistent 61 minutes. I wish I could work for and get an employee discount! Another fine product.

Excited about my new hourglass!

I got this hourglass for a weekly writing group I facilitate--we all get together to write steadily for an hour. I have been using my phone time to mark the end of the r, but that's not very fun since no one else can see it. This hourglass makes the end of the hour more tangible/visible. It seems well constructed and sturdy. The black sand does make the glass look slightly tinted, which I like but others might find less appealing. Precision is not the most important feature to me, but I did just time it out and it is accurate to within about 30 seconds.

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