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Antique Wood Tea Break Hourglass Urn



As the Victorian cotton and woolen mills closed throughout the industrial North of England and Scotland over the last 40 years the antique wooden bobbins and shuttles left behind have been transformed into original wooden items.

This timer has pewter rims and is a rich brown color. As with all antique and hand-made items, the colors and decorations vary slightly. We consider this to be a special part of their history and character. Makes a wonderful vessel to hold your loved one's cremains.

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Hourglass Sand Timer Engraving Available   Engraving available - see ideas - request quote 


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Repurposed bobbin urn

As someone who works with textiles, this repurposed bobbin style urn was the perfect style for me. I put a combination of colored sand and cremains in the vessel. The sand timer now keeps time just the way my love did: sometimes stopping for no apparent reason or running through much too quickly without stopping. My family is as amused by that as I am.

Frank S.
Love the hourglass as an urn for my dad’s ashes

I received the hourglass, followed the instructions and assembled the kit. It is significant as my dad was in the textile bus his entire life and the hourglass is made from antique textile bobbins.
It now sits on my desk as a treasured piece.

Patricia S.
Made uneven and poorly..bought two had to re cut and fix and

Will not buy again

julie D.
Love this

We purchased the 6” antique wood spindle hour glass. It’s perfect for some of our dog’s ashes.
We are very happy with it.
Of note, they provided some sand to mix with the ashes. I recommend using the sand as well. The ashes leave a film or “dust” when you turn the hourglass over. The sand really helps to reduce the “dust” residue and also helps the ashes flow better. As stated on the website, this is not an accurate time keeper.
We think it’s a beautiful and decorative way to keep our departed pup with us.
I recommend this product.
I believe there are larger versions if one wanted to put all the ashes in the hourglass. We kept some and spread the other ashes in his favorite places.
Also customer service was very helpful and the product arrived well packed and quickly with good directions.

Ronda S.

Even though I sifted and sifted, and mixed sand- a lot of sand-before final step- cremains still do not flow freely. Not pleased.

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