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5 Minute Yellow Freestanding Hourglass


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Watch the pretty yellow sand flow through the globe in this freestanding hourglass. The unusual shape of this hourglass makes it a great gift for an hourglass collector. 

** Exclusive 


  • 2” Diameter x 6.5”H 
  • Natural sand
  • 5 minute timer

Hourglass Sand Timer Accuracy

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Tina O.
First Purchase

This was my first purchase with this company. The hourglass is very nice for the size. Although, the sand color is a very pale yellow.

My only complaint would be the packaging. I am all for reusing boxes and packaging material. The box I received was originally from Amazon. It contained this hourglass and other pieces in bubble wrap, another hourglass in a box, foam peanuts, and unfortunately, broken styrofoam.

However, opening a box filled with broken styrofoam meant there was not any way to remove the items, and contain all the tiny styrofoam balls within the box.

I did not realize I would have to allow extra time to clean up after opening a box. Plus, the styrofoam is very unsafe for small children and pets.

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