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Hour Glass

Just Hour Glasses offers a vast range of beautiful hour glass products that can be bought by height, from 6 inches to 20 inches and over. The hour glass can be selected from each range of wood, metal and marble hour glasses. Just Hour Glasses has taken into consideration shopping budgets and can provide anhour glass from under 65 dollars to 150 dollars and up. The hour glass, or sandglass, sand timer, sand clock and egg timer, measures the passage of just a few minutes or an hour of time. The factors affecting the time measured include the bulb size, the width of the neck, as well as the amount and quality of the sand. Visitors to the Just Hour Glasses website are invited to browse the company's Signature hour glass collection, each piece of which is individually handcrafted in the heartland of America. An hour glass in this collection is made from solid domestic and imported wood and hand-blown in England glass globes.

The Signature hour glass offered by Just Hour Glasses is exceptionally attractive and built to last with mortise and tenon construction. An hour glass was an early, reliable and reusable instrument for measuring time in churches, at sea, in industry and in cookery. Just Hour Glasses indicates that the products they provide are usually for interior ornamentation, but sometimes are used for board game timing. Just Hour Glasses advises that while an hour glass is no longer widely used for keeping time, some institutions still the traditionally use the device for this purpose. Both houses of the Australian Parliament use three hourglasses to time certain procedures, such as divisions. Just Hour Glasses offers stunning hour glass products which make thoughtful gifts for special occasions. A green marble hour glass with an added touch of the Scales of Justice is an outstanding choice to present to a newly graduated lawyer or to mark many years of legal service of a seasoned attorney. Just Hour Glasses provides an hour glass inscribed with the medical symbol for those in the medical profession.

Just Hour Glasses offers the combination pen stand and three-minute sand timer which makes an ideal device to keep track of phone calls in the home or office. This hour glass includes a card holder and a plaque for an engraved message. Just Hour Glasses provides an hour glass that is eye-catching and pleasing as an ornament for all types of décor in living rooms and studies, and most of the devices are accurate to within five minutes. The solid wood Cocobolo wood hour glass is handcrafted from wood grown in Central America. The denseness of this lovely wood makes it sturdy and durable. The colors of the wood vary from yellow-orange to dark red with irregular black stripes. Just Hour Glasses indicates that as with all wood ornaments, the graining will appear to be different and no two of the hour glass products are alike. Just Hours Glasses offers free shipping to all continental US customers and the Signature Collection hour glass is shipped and insured by Priority Mail.