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Perhaps you saw an hourglass in someone's kitchen or as an ornament somewhere and wondered where you could get one for yourself, which is how you have discovered Just Hour Glasses online store. Many people use an hourglass timer to cook the perfect eggs, or for baking, and although technology offers you some amazing digital devices to measure time today, an hourglass is still a very popular and accurate way to do so. We are pleased to offer visitors beautiful models in hourglass timers crafted to perfection in carved woods, marble, silver, and metals and you will find it hard to choose one because each is one is a masterpiece. Whether you want an hourglass for something functional in your kitchen, or for an ornament, we have an exquisite collection available just for you! The hourglass has been used as a symbol of time by millions of people, and its construction is simple, with two glass bulbs at opposite ends, connected by a thin funnel where sand will trickle through.

The amount of sand and the speed it runs from one end to another by means of gravity is how the duration of time is measured, and after completion you simply flip it over to start again. The hourglass has been popular for centuries because of its reliability, used by men at sea, by cooks, and in various industries. Today it is more ornamental, though millions of people use it to time cooking for the perfect boiled eggs, or to time baking a cake. There is something mesmerizing about watching the sand trickling through an hourglass 'like the days of our lives' which is also the opening credits of the popular television series that has been running for decades. Get your hourglass personalized for yourself, or as an unexpected gift for someone special, and choose beautiful office ornaments in hourglass timers we have available from any of the categories we offer at Just Hour Glasses.

We even have some kits to make your own hourglass timers if you are interested, which is popular at sand ceremony weddings, and other special occasion symbolisms, and you can add your own special sand in any color to measure any duration times. Click on the link to see our most popular sellers and the special offers we have in our store, and enjoy added value of free shipping to your desired location nationwide. Take some time to find the perfect hourglasstimer for you by shopping through the categories you like at Just Hour Glasses, and if you need assistance, you are welcome to contact our friendly consultants. As mentioned above, you can make your hourglass something special by personalized engraving, a further service we are pleased to offer visitors. You will love the beauty and elegance of an hourglass timer, which is both attractive and functional when you want it to be. You will love owning a beautiful hourglass timer, a device that is timeless.