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A select number of our hourglasses can be sent to you in kit form so you can add your own sand (or other material) to your hourglass. 

We highly recommend reading through our FAQ page before making your selection by clicking here.

What's Included:
  • Frame for hourglass, disassembled
  • Glass globe:
    • Empty globe with no sand (less accurate with larger center hole to accommodate most types of sand)  OR
    • Globe with tan sand included  (only available with Signature Collection hourglasses)
  • Assembly Instructions
  • Epoxy for sealing the glass globe once filled.
What's NOT Included:
  • Wood glue (or epoxy for metal ones) needed for frame
  • Funnel
  • Sand (except some Signature Collection and sand ceremony package hourglasses)
  • Containers for your sand
  • Engraving (available separately - see options)

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