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Received my gorgeous purple hourglass... extremely helpful customer service

wizard of oz sandtimer

we really liked our purchase,will work great for our interior halloween decor


This is a beautiful hourglass. It was shipped in just a few days (faster than the estimated delivery).

Very pleased

This fillable hourglass is beautiful, love the historical flair, and made a great souvenir for the sand from our vacation.

The chain is a lil shorter than I thought but the person I gave it to was happy so Thanks the hour glass was perfect for the black sand I put in there from Hawaii

Classy and sheik

I bought this for my girlfriend for we had seen one in a rental home while on vacation. While searching for an inspirational message to add to the sentiment, I was moved with how many uplifting quotes can be derived from the meaning behind the hour glass. That made this gift one of the most thoughtful and inspirational gifts I have ever given. Arrived on time and looks beautiful.

Love it!

Purchased this item as a Christmas gift for myself. Package arrived via USPS and was packed professionally with lots of bubble wrap! It’s ‘as advertised’ and now resides on a sofa table in the living room. I’ve always been a fan of hourglasses, this one adds just the right touch to the room.
Completely satisfied.

A nice piece

So after much decision I decided to get this hourglass. I had heard many horror stories about resin-based ones but as I wanted a fantasy style piece my hands were more-or-less tied. Upon receiving this through the mail, I was pleased to see it was well packaged for overseas post. I then unpacked it to find it was in good condition and the details were as I expected them to be.
There is a slight wobble as the bases aren't completely flat, but it stands straight and does not tip over, so it doesn't bother me. I then timed the sand and it is 1 minute too fast but the site does explain there may be variations so I planned for this. A 3 minute timer still suits me fine for use when running Dungeons and Dragons games, so while it's a bit of a shame it isn't more calibrated, it isn't the end of the world for me.

Good detail and sturdy build, if a little wonky.
Be careful about time accuracy, as stated these are more ornamental than time-keeping pieces.

5 star

Shannon was amazing
I purchased this for a Christmas gift everything came together with the engraving just Beautiful ‼️

Love it

I am very pleased with this product. You will not be disappointed.
It looks beautiful, exactly as pictured. Shipping was on time and good quality. I was surprised at how light the package was, but that is only because the hourglass is so small.
I'm including a picture next to an 8 oz bottle of lotion so you can see the scale.

I tested the time and it was exactly 15 min, as advertised. It would not have been a deal breaker for me if it had been off by a little, but since I do plan to use the hourglass functionally to time my writing sessions, I am very happy that it is accurate.

Great service, I'm glad to have found this company!

Nice looking silver hour glass

I bought this for my son for Christmas who collects hourglasses. He has 23 of them now and, thankfully, he didn't have this one yet! He was very pleased with his gift. Thank you!

I purchased this beautiful little hourglass as part of a larger project. It is perfect and lovely.

Office Use

Perfect for timing office meetings & keeping speakers on time...

Experience could have been better.

My purchase arrived safely and in a reasonable amount of time, but the packing material—bits of broken styrofoam (and its associated crumbles and fallout)—was messy and difficult to contain and clean up. My review would have been more favorable if the packing materials had not been difficult to deal with. I will give them another opportunity to rectify this situation; if nothing changes, I will do business elsewhere. Also, styrofoam is not recyclable.

Scott, Thank you for your business and your comments. Our suppliers send us products packaged in Styrofoam as it's the best material to transport hourglasses safely. Rather than throw it away we reuse it in packaging our shipments. We reuse and recycle whenever possible, not only because it's better for the planet but also helps to keep our prices low. Thank you again! Justhourglasses Team
Very Nice Hourglass And Service.

I purchased two 60 minute hourglasses on two different occasions from Just Hourglasses. The price is reasonable and they arrived at my house in a timely manner. They were given as gifts to caregivers of my late wife. The caregivers were surprised and love their hourglass as it reminds them of the time they spent caring for their friend.

It’s gorgeous

We love everything about our order. The wood, the glass, the engraving, and how quickly it arrived. Thank you

Wonderfful Gift

Nicely built hour glass given as a gift this Xmas. Very well received.
Very accurate running about 62 minutes.
Would purchase and recommend.


I am very happy with my purchase. I live in Canada and the shipping was quick. Customer service was amazing. I had a lot of questions and they were always answered in a timely fashion. Would definitely recommend to anyone

Wonderful product!

Ordered an engraved hourglass as a gift for our boss at the office, and I was beyond happy with my order. It was beautiful and very well made. He was so happy with it and now has it displayed on his desk for many years to come. I would recommend this site to anyone looking for an hourglass!

The item was smaller than I expected

Even though it was smaller than I expected it is beautiful

It was a gift and it delighted!

Customer service was superb, made a special order (had it engraved) and my mother is over the moon with her hour glass. I am very grateful for such wonderful service and a great product.


Beautiful hourglasses! We bought two as gifts, and I’m sure they will be well received.

Just Hour Glasses gives personal service and makes sure you get what you asked for!!! I am a satisfied customer!

Desk Timer

I have wanted an hourglass for a while to use on my desk to apportion time for certain job functions. This 15-minute timer is functional for me, plus it is extremely attractive. I love the vintage wood and the unique design. I know that I will enjoy using this for many years to come. The hourglass was shipped quickly and packed extremely well. Overall, I'm very pleased.

This was purchased as a gift. Beautiful and well made, very happy with the purchase

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