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Glow necklace

Good quality and great glow


This hour glass is even more beautiful than I had expected. I sit it on my office desk and it keeps me focused. The sand falls beautifully.

Amazing product

Great product. The bases are a little bigger than I had anticipated but well built and sturdy design.

Securely packaged with minimal chance of breakage in delivery.

Purchased as "thank you" gifts.

Nice little token gift. (I would have liked them better if the sand were natural color rather than sky blue, but that is a minor point.)

Your hour glass was way better than the one that came with an expensive hour glass I bought for my wedding. There’s was paper thin. Your’s is great thick quality.

Excellent Customer Service

We recently purchased a Solid Padauk Hourglass for our granddaughter. We wanted to use it to help teach her the value time. We had the hourglass custom engraved.

We received a beautiful well made product that can last a lifetime.

But more than the quality of the Item we appreciated the exceptional purchasing experience. Buying items on-line is often a hit or miss situation when it comes to service. We was happy that the folks at JustHourglass made it feel like purchasing from a local shop. They provided us with fast, professional and personal E-mails to make the shopping one of the best On-Line. Thank You. Sam & Miriam

both items were beautiful, they came well packed with no chance of being damaged
love them

Hello Sir

Very pretty in good conditions.


Not a great solution …

The opening in the center isn’t large enough for the ashes - I ground them in a coffee grinder plus added real sand to help anything from sticking to the sides - it’s a complete flop

Simply wonderful

I love my hourglass- I can feel the love, care, and attention put into this work. I value this greatly as a decoration and talking point. If you are one who enjoys hourglasses, I would highly recommend to make your purchase. I am fully satisfied.

Exactly what I wanted

I love the quality of the glass; the speed of delivery was impressive. I’ll be getting more hourglasses. Thank you.

Works perfectly.

Accurate. I timed it

Cherry Hour Glass

I was surprised at the beauty of this hour glass and will place it on a kitchen counter where visitors will notice it.. I checked the accuracy and it runs out of sand at precisely five minutes, perfect for my soft-boiled eggs.

A Beautiful and sturdy OZ Hourglass

I started to buy the replica Wizard of Oz hourglass but thought it was too big to put anywhere in my office so I looked through Google and I found just and they have a small replica and it’s absolutely beautiful. It’s quality made and they’re so fast on shipping it’s a beautiful little thing that people make comments about when they see it on my desk. I absolutely love it.


A visual reminder that when the grains are in the bottom……….you can’t get that time back.
So don’t piss away your moments, they are all you get. Enjoy each grain of sand.

Repurposed bobbin urn

As someone who works with textiles, this repurposed bobbin style urn was the perfect style for me. I put a combination of colored sand and cremains in the vessel. The sand timer now keeps time just the way my love did: sometimes stopping for no apparent reason or running through much too quickly without stopping. My family is as amused by that as I am.

Review, Signature Collection Solid Walnut Hourglass

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to provide a review of my December purchase. I have a two part comment:

1. First, let me say I am most pleased with your product, which is the Solid Walnut 30 or 60 Minute Hourglass With Metal Spindles. I am most pleased with the workmanship, and I also very much like the walnut that was selected for this item. The included note about the Nebraska gentleman who makes the hourglass was a nice touch, and I hope you will pass on to him my appreciation for his good work. The piece itself gets a five star rating.

I do have a bit of a concern about your ordering process, which is why I gave an overall rating of four stars. I admit that part of the problem is myself, and my failure to more closely review your website. The issue is that I preferred the 60 minute version of the hourglass, and received the 30 minute one. The error, which again is partly my fault, lies with the box titled "Duration". As displayed only the 30 minute option is visible, and I missed the down arrow that would have displayed the 60 minute version. My recommendation is that the next your IT person updates your ordering process, both the 30 minute AND the 60 minute options be displayed simultaneously. The customer would then see that one option of the other needs to be checked.

Thanks again for a good product.

Another Slam Dunk

Beautiful piece. Colorful and intricate. Not gaudy. Runs a legit hour. Arrived earlier than expected. Very satisfied!

Not as big as I was hoping but still love it

My family was looking something different than the average urn. My mother loved reading the Harry Potter book series. She loved all the movies. In her last few years, she would watch the movies when she couldn't sleep. This hourglass reminded us of Hermione's time turner. For ashes, it's the equivalent of a small or mini urn. We don't plan to turn it which is fine but if yoy are planning to use it as an hourglass with ashes in it be prepared for it to not really work. It gets trapped in the center. For us, it is fine. We bought it to look at and think of our mom.
We also got an engraved plate and it's not very big so it doesn't detract from the hourglass.

cherry frame
Maritza C.
My view on the Cherry wood Hourglass

I loved it! It was a perfect Christmas gift to myself.

Love the 15-minute hourglass❣️

The hourglass looks great❣️ Thank you for the expert work. My husband had read/heard that if you practice something (violin/different language/etc.) for 18 minutes a day, every day, you'll be in the top 10%. Our hourglass runs for about 16 minutes before the sand runs out so we can use it as a reminder to keep practicing and put in just a little extra time to get 18 minutes a day done. Thanks.💛

Also, we were watching the new Fixer Upper: The Hotel (Episode 6) and they had a nice hourglass on the table. Was that hourglass from your business? Happy New Year❣️🎉

My hourglass experience

Just Hourglasses was right on time when I accidentally broke the Hourglass of a very dear gift. It took a couple of times to get the right fitting but at the end my gift was fixed and I purchased a new one to add to my house decor. The customer service was excellent.

My wife loved the gift.

It is a quality product that was shipped quickly. Thank you.

It was the perfect gift for my best friend who turned 70! He was truly impressed!