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Hourglass Timers

Hourglass timers have been used to measure time for centuries, and still today they are used in kitchens, offices, or even bought for stylish practical ornaments. It is not easy to find quality hourglass timers, but now that you have found us online, you can shop through the widest range at stunning value for money. It is always a good idea to buy products from a company that specializes in them, and when it comes to hourglass timers you do not have to look any further than our store. Be amazed at the exceptional value for money, the stunning range of stylish functional hourglass timers, and the convenience of using the internet to browse through them all at your leisure.There are many other names given to hourglass timers, like egg timers, clock timers, cake timers, and sand timers for examples. Two bulbs opposite one another with a fine tube between them allow sand to trickle down until it has all accumulated at the bottom bulb.

Turning the hourglass timers around begins the countdown all over again. The amount of time that is counted by hourglass timers depends on the type of sand, the neck widths, and the volume of sand used in the timer. Having said that, you will find that there are timers that count off in everything from a few minutes to hours. Some cooks still prefer to use hourglass timers rather than new technology for baking and cooking because they will always be accurate no matter what happens. Just Hour Glasses offers you beautiful hourglass timers which will make lovely gifts, practical kitchen ornaments, or for those who love collecting them. There is something special in hourglass timers in character, and the range of styles, designs and different time duration options you can find are endless. We have wood handcrafted hourglass timers exclusive to us, ready to ship free to your desired location nationwide.

There are stunning marble timers, rotating timers, and even the option of personalizing your hourglass timers, something you will find very difficult to find anywhere else online. To get more details on any of the types we offer, click on the category or images, and see the complete options in beautiful products that you will love owning. Browse through the widest collection of hourglass timers online, and register a secure shopping cart so that you can buy the models you like, ready to ship to your door. We have a customer help service center if you want advice and suggestions for choosing hourglass timers for a gift, for information regarding personalizing hourglass timers, or if you have any problems regarding payments or shipping. Shop by price or time duration in these gorgeous products, and have something special in an office desk ornament in your display cases or functional for your kitchens. If you collect hourglasses, you will be in your element because we definitely have a model you do not have with such a huge selection in our store.