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Sand Hour Glass

Rather than giving unimaginative or clichéd wedding, wedding anniversary, birthday or retirement gifts, let our huge selection of modern, traditional and classic sand hour glasses be your first choice for unusual and thoughtful gifts. Just Hour Glasses is an online site which sells hundreds of different types of handcrafted Sand hour glasses and each Sand hour glass is made using the best quality raw materials, as well as local and imported woods and each Sand hour glass has a hand blown glass globe that has been imported from England. Rather than being accurate timepieces, a Sand hour glass is truly a lovely gift and makes for fascinating decorative pieces, and the marble and brass Sand hour glass has proven to be a perfect gift for those in the legal profession.

The marble and brass Sand hour glass is a more contemporary hour glass and this modern Sand hour glass has two brass columns which hold and suspend the hour glass while the striking green marble base adds to the appeal of this Sand hour glass. All of the Sand hour glasses which can be purchased on our online website make for lovely gift choices for weddings or as retirement gifts, and since the Sand hour glasses can be purchased in an assortment of shapes and sizes, and in varying price ranges, it is simple to find the best Sand hour glass to best suit the recipient's particular taste. Just Hour Glasses also stocks a Sand hour glass kit, which is used for weddings as an alternative to the traditional unity candle. To learn more about these fascinating and uniqueSand hour glass kits, feel free to visit the Just Hour Glasses website. The cherry wood Sand hour glass is made from solid cherry wood which is locally grown in the United States and over the years, the cherry wood offers a richer and darker texture and this adds to the appearance of this type of Sand hour glass.

A Sand hour glass has been used to measure and keep time for centuries and although they are not often used for timekeeping purposes, there are people who still prefer the accuracy and elegance of the Sand hour glass; however, more than being an interesting timekeeping piece, the beauty and charm of theSand hour glass has made them fascinating and novel decorative items, and can add to the charm of any room. In order to view the top selling Sand hour glasses, feel free to browse our website and view the bestselling rang, such as the Zebrawood Sand hour glass, which has been crafted in solid zebrawood from West Africa. Our Sand hour glass range has been made with extreme care and to this end, we offer the guarantee that the Sand hour glass will last for many years to come. When making a purchase on the Just Hour Glasses website,, online shoppers can search for a Sand hour glass either by duration of the hour glass, such as 3 minutes or 15 minutes, by height, by material or by price.