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Sand Timer

For centuries, a Sand timer has measured time, and although there is little need for a Sand timer in today’s advanced age, there are those who sill prefer aSand timer to meet their timing needs. However, far more than just being an accurate timekeeping device, the classic beauty and appeal of the Sand timerhas allowed them to become a focal decorating item and they also make wonderful and thoughtful gift choices. Like our name suggests, Just Hour Glasses specializes in Just Sand timers and Hour Glasses and via our website,, the online shopper is able to shop for a Sand timer either by duration, height, time or by material. The Sand timer types which can be seen via the Just Hour Glasses website make lovely gifts for weddings or wedding anniversaries and at the same time, the Sand timer is a great retirement gift, signifying the start of a new beginning. Since a Sand timer can be bought in varying sizes and at different prices, selecting the perfect Sand timer to suit a buyer’s individual taste and budget is simple.

Ordering any of the Sand timers which are featured on our website may be conveniently done via our website, and because we have the widest range of charming, traditional and extraordinary Sand timers, a Sand timer can be chosen to suit any décor or selected to commemorate a special event. The woodSand timer is the more traditional type of Sand timer and in this range, we have Sand timers in several types of woods, from walnut wood, white oak, zebrawood, and solid cherry wood. Wood is a great gift to commemorate a fifth wedding anniversary gift and because marriage is a celebration of love of unity, there is no better gift than a wood Sand timer for a fifth wedding anniversary.

The cherry wood Sand timer is made from wood sourced from the US and with age, this gorgeous cherry wood Sand timer will become darker and richer in texture. Each glass globe of the Sand timer has been hand blown in England and the classic appeal of each Sand timer will add compliment and charm to any room. The cherry wood Sand timer with hand blown glass is $186 for a 6x10 inch, but the smaller 15 minute Sand timer is offered at just $86.99. Those seeking a Sand timer by duration can choose a Sand timer which runs for 3 minutes, up to 60 minutes. To view the range of top selling Sand timers, browse our website and go through the bestselling Sand timer range, which includes the Zebrawood Sand timer, a Sand timer made from solid zebrawood sourced from West Africa. We also offer Sand timers at special sales prices, and these include the classic green and marble Sand timer, a 10 inch Sand timer which can measure up to 60 minutes, and these are sold with free ground shipping for the price of just $72.99.