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Large Freestanding Fillable Hourglass


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NEW! Like our smaller version, this clear freestanding hourglass with its clean lines and simple design makes a wonderful vessel to hold your own sand. Great for wedding sand ceremonies! Hand blown in England.



  • 4.33"D x 11"H
  • Comes empty to add your own sand (no glue or assembly required)
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Great hourglass... but handle with care!

This is a terrific hourglass. The neck has a 3 mm opening and is large enough to handle slightly larger well-sieved sand. I filled mine with washed & sieved play sand that I got from a local hardware store and it worked perfectly. If you use natural sand like I did, make sure it is sieved well to remove the larger sand grains. I filled mine to just short of its maximum capacity and it ran for approximately 4 1/2 minutes. The quality of this hand-blown hourglass is perfect. However, be very careful with it, especially when it is full of sand because it is very fragile. I broke the hourglass while cleaning it. I accidently let the side of it gently tap onto a hard glass table top and that's all it took to crack it. I loved this hourglass so much that I bought another one. I've just received it and am looking forward to setting it up. This time I'll be much more careful with it.

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