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Sand Pendulum Black 15 Inches


Like our sand timers our new additions offer interesting and unusual gift options that feature sand or blown glass. We think you will like them.

Sand Pendulums: A perfect desk ornament, these pendulums create beautiful and unique designs in the sand.

Galileo began his study of the pendulum while, according to legend, he watched a suspended lamp swing back and forth in the cathedral of Pisa.  In an ingenious way the Sand Pendulum takes this scientific principle (a weight mounted so that it can swing freely under the influence of gravity) to create fantastic designs on sand.  Each design will be unique and beautifully crafted.


  • 15" tall
  • Black finish
  • Sand and instructions included

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Anthony B.
Sand is still timeless

I bought three items: a 60 minute hourglass (black sand in white frame), pendulum and pit, circular frame sand art, and all of these fragile items arrived perfectly packaged together. My kids love the pit and pendulum; arcs cutting through the sand sketch out images only a screen saver could match in symmetry. All three of these pieces are nice conversation starters as well – the novelty is renewed with every visitor.
The Pit and Pendulum is fascinating; fixating. The oscillations on the xy plane cause the arcs to draw perfect ellipses that eventually become so tight that the apex of each ellipse, when side by side, can actually create ANOTHER shape appearing to be a rhombus. See it to believe it! Then, the arcs change direction and the process begins again. The polished metal rod and pendulum are gorgeous as well.

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