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Solid Granadillo Wood Hourglass With Smooth Spindles


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This custom Signature Collection hourglass is handcrafted from solid granadillo wood grown in Central America and is the newest in our Signature lineup. A beautiful wood, its denseness makes it very strong and durable and it finishes very smoothly. The color is a rich reddish brown with black streaking. Like all wood, granadillo varies in graining and color - no two are alike. Combined with glass bulbs hand-blown in England, this classic piece is stunning.

As with all wood each piece will vary slightly in graining and color making each hourglass unique. Hourglasses are handmade so sizes are approximate.

NEW! 6x10 size now available with 50 minute globe


Hourglass Sand Timers Made in USA   Made in the USA

Hourglass Sand Timer Engraving Available   Engraving available - see ideas - request quote 

 Made when ordered, usually arrives within 2 weeks.


  • Offered in 3 sizes - 4"D x 6"H, 6"D x 10"H or 8"D x 12"H
  • Available fully assembled (as shown) or in kit form.
  • Fully assembled have 5 or 15 minute timers in the 4x6 size, 60 or 50 minutes in the 6x10 size, and 60 minutes in the 8x12 size.
  • Kits are available for customers who want to add their own sand (i.e. two different colors). Note: globe provided has a larger hole to accommodate different types of sand so timer accuracy is not ensured..

We highly recommend reading through our FAQ page before making your selection to clarify how our kits work by clicking here.

Hourglass Sand Timer Accuracy

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Customer Reviews

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Ed H.
Superb craftsmanship; beautiful wood

These people care about their products: a fine, hand-crafted work of art that is sure to become an heirloom.

Kim N.
Love the 15-minute hourglass❣️

The hourglass looks great❣️ Thank you for the expert work. My husband had read/heard that if you practice something (violin/different language/etc.) for 18 minutes a day, every day, you'll be in the top 10%. Our hourglass runs for about 16 minutes before the sand runs out so we can use it as a reminder to keep practicing and put in just a little extra time to get 18 minutes a day done. Thanks.💛

Also, we were watching the new Fixer Upper: The Hotel (Episode 6) and they had a nice hourglass on the table. Was that hourglass from your business? Happy New Year❣️🎉

Happy S.w.a.H.M.
Worth the Effort

I really wanted to make this work with my own sand, but the glass was pretty unforgiving. After four tries, I finally found a sieve that filtered down to a compatible size, a 0.355 MM filter available from ( Learned that sand that is *too small* will also clog the hourglass, so I poured the sand between bowls outside on a windy day to blow away the dust. Finally the hourglass works as reliably as I'd hope. The wood carving was impeccably machined -- only use a tiny layer of wood glue. Use too much and the dowels won't fit all the way into the holes. Took some work, but I am very happy with the results!

Worked as Described

The hourglass worked the the minute, was about 2 or three seconds off from the time, so very good. Got a small note about who made the glass, not expected but fun to read about. No nicks or cracks, well packed and came within two weeks. Might not like it if you don;t like dark woods, but has a nice streaks running up and down the length of the wood in black a lighter shade of the brown and darker shade. Has a rich texture and lots of little rivers of color though it. Lets me know when the mortals timeline is up. Will buy about 7 billion more.

Even Better In Person

This product looks even better in person. I am extremely excited to give this hour glass as a Christmas gift. Shipped in a timely manner as well. I will advise friends of this product and site.

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