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Sand Ceremony Package


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We've assembled a package for you to add to any you fill hourglass purchase! Included are two glass containers, ribbon to hold your globe in place, and 2 sand colors of your choice to add aesthetically pleasing fullness to the globe (about 1/2 full - the usual "look" of an hourglass). Choice of black or white ribbon, short or tall containers. We will email you after purchase to your confirm your preferred sand colors.




  • Available colors: black, blue, burgundy, canary yellow, coral, green, orange,orchid, purple, red, silver/grey, tan, teal and white
  • Glittering silver, glittering gold or NEW glittering copper (these colors can fog the glass)
  • Short containers are 2.5"D x 3.75"H, tall containers are 1.5"D x 7.5"H
  • Usually ships within 1 business days, shipping time 2-4 business days.

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Great Product

The hourglass we ordered arrived early and was beautiful for our ceremony. Just Hourglass saw that we asked for expedited service but had missed one of the options on the website, quickly notified us, and we were able to resolve the issue for a delivery before our ceremony. We recommend just hourglass' product for your unity ceremony.

Beautiful Kit - Just need a funnel!

The kit was perfect with the included sand, tall pouring vases and ribbon. We used the ribbon to temporarily support the hour glass in place before the ceremony and had the vases filled with the sand. As I said above the only reason for the 4 stars is that we had to pull together a funnel last minute to make sure we didn't spill the sand. Including that would make it perfect. Otherwise, very satisfied customers!

Meg, Thank you for your very kind review. The reason we do not include a funnel with the package is not all of our hourglasses have a opening large enough to accommodate one that isn't tiny (in those cases we recommend customers fashion one). Many of our fillable hourglasses come with funnels now and it's noted on the product page when they are :-). Justhourglasses Team

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