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5 Minute Antique Wood Tea Break Timer II


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As the Victorian cotton and woolen mills closed throughout the industrial North of England and Scotland over the last 40 years the antique wooden bobbins and shuttles left behind have been transformed into original wooden items.

These unique gifts stand the test of time and will conjure up for decades to come their past, each and every time they are viewed or handled.

Larger than its cousin and substantial for its size, this timer has pewter accents on the spindles and a warm, rich finish. As with all antique and hand-made items, the colors and decorations vary.  We consider this to be a special part of their history and character.

Hourglass Sand Timer Engraving Available   Engraving available - see ideas - request quote 


  •  4"D x 7.25"H
  • Natural or yellow sand 
  • 5 minute timer


Hourglass Sand Timer Accuracy

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Elizabeth O.
Too worn for me

Although these hourglasses are characterized as antiques, the bobbin was much more worn than I had expected and instead of holding a historical charm, to me the bobbin looks rough, broken and defective. Disappointed.

Ruben C.A.
Antiqued. Rustic. Sweet

Just perfect for my old American Legion.

Kyler O.

Love mine

Craftmanship was not what I expected

The antique bobbin is beautiful and just what I expected. The place where the bobbin attaches to the glass has a felt circle, which was glued on crooked. The glass also slips around a bit. It does not ruin it, but I expected a bit higher quality for the price.

Karla K.
Amazing Retirement Gift

My team wanted a unique retirement gift in which we could place a small plaque. I worked with Just Hourglasses’ excellent customer service to have the hourglass personalized with the plaque AND to put it on rush to arrive in time for our retiree’s party. This hourglass is perfect for our retiree’s home desk as a nice reminder of her “time” with our company. Thank you for making such an authentic and elegant time piece.

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