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Hour Glass Timer

Should you have been looking for an hour glass timer online, the stunning range available from Just Hour Glasses will definitely blow you away! Hour glass timers are not a common product, and it may have taken a little research to find a quality range like we offer, all exceptional value for money ready to ship ex stock to your door. Many discerning cooks still rely on an hour glass timer for baking and cooking, or as an egg timer, while others like to have them as decorative ornaments in their home. Whatever you want an hour glass timer for, we are pleased to offer you all sizes and time durations of products for functional use or for attractive ornaments for homes or offices.An hour glass timer has been used as a means of measuring time for centuries, and early art shows them dating back as far as the 1300s. At sea, ships used them for a way to tell the time, cooks used them in kitchens, and industry used them in manufacturing for some examples.

They are still very popular today, used as symbols of time, and for a good example, even your computer cursor will turn into an hourglass while taking time to perform a function. An hour glass timer consists of two glass bulbs placed at opposite ends, with a thin funnel that allows sand to trickle through from one end to the other. The width of the funnel and the amount of time taken for sand to complete flowing through measures the time duration. Have a look at the categories we offer in hour glass timer models manufactured to high standards, from wood, silver, and marble in everything from 3 minute egg timers to hour timers and longer. You can have an hour glass timer personalized for you or for someone special as a unique gift at Just Hour Glasses, and if you want something elegant for an office ornament, we have some excellent models available.

When you click on any category we have, you will find the collection in hour glass timer models showing pictures with full details to help you make a perfect choice. Add even more savings to your order with the free shipping option we are pleased to offer, with delivery nationwide for your hour glass timer orders. Keep something special in your kitchen with an elegant hour glass timer from Just Hour Glasses, and if you collect these timers for a hobby, we have a range wide enough to satisfy your needs in exclusive models you will not find anywhere else. Hour glass timer products are still used in board games, for game shows on TV to tick off time for quiz shows, and as mentioned above, are still popular for cooking. Just Hour Glasses specializes in these products, so you will get best prices, best advice, and the best range money can buy, all in our online store, which you can shop through in the comfort of your own home.