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Hourglass Timer

Considering that there is so much technology in devices to count off time, you would think that there is no place for an hourglass timer anymore, but the contrary is true. An hourglass timer is still a trusted way of measuring time in kitchens, for cooking and baking, or for other purposes, though in a lot of cases they are now more ornaments than anything else. Hourglass timers have been around for centuries, dating as far back as the 1300s used by many different cultures as a way to measure of times. Just like the long running "Days of Our Lives" soap, where the show begins, "like sands through the hourglass", they are still very much around today. Finding quality hourglass timer products, however, is not easy, and now that you have found Just Hour Glasses, you can bookmark our website if you ever want something unusual and unexpected as a gift or one for your own needs.You will see that there are quite a few different types of hourglass timers from which you can choose, manufactured from different materials from wood to marble, stainless steel to plastic. There are also different colored sands, time durations, and sizes of hourglass timer models from which to choose.

Just Hour Glasses offers you a further service of personalizing your hourglass timer for your own pleasure, or if you want to give it as a gift as mentioned above. What you can look forward to is the exceptional value for money for all of our products, and top level customer services whenever you need it. We ship free any hourglass timer ex stock, giving you even more savings when you buy these products from us. You can still order a practical kitchen hourglass timer if you dare to be different. An hourglass timer has been used over the years because it does not need power to work, will not freeze up when it is cold, and it is very reliable for time period counting. Churches, industries, cooks, and seamen have been using these devices for decades in the past, and some even continue to do so. Today, you will often find a mini-hourglass timer in popular games like Pictionary where you have limited time to answer questions, or on a game show as another example.

Many people have a hobby of collecting these timers, and if you are a collector, you will be more than delighted to find so many different types. Browse thehourglass timer collections by price range if you want something practical and low cost for a kitchen timer, or go the whole way, and busy something elegant for an office ornament or gift. There are different time duration hourglasses we have, and if you are a do-it-yourself enthusiast, we even have full kits so that you can make your own hourglass timer. Ordering your hourglass timer means registering a secure account ,and after your encrypted payment options that are completely safe, we will ship your products to your door nationwide and at no cost as mentioned above.