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Sand Clocks

Typically wedding gifts are very practical or they're very symbolic. For some, sand clocks can be a unique choice that the couple will appreciate for years to come, and their symbolism is also very appropriate for weddings.If you haven't thought about sand clocks as wedding gifts before, it's time to consider one. They add a unique and elegant touch to any home's décor and remain in style for decades. They can also be displayed at an office or an outdoor space as well. Choosing sand clocks for wedding gifts will mean items that are personal and that really speak to the bride and groom. How are sand clocksappropriate for wedding gifts? Consider a few reasons to select them for the upcoming wedding season. Symbolism The symbolism of sand clocks is not lost on new couples. In some wedding ceremonies they're used in place of or in addition to unity candles, as the couple turn the clock over together.

This symbolizes a new start together as the sand begins a fresh descent. For a couple just starting out together, sand clocks can mean the start of a new life together and displaying this gift in the home can remind them of that special day. Choosing sand clocks because of this symbolism means that they're the perfect gift for weddings. Very few other gifts symbolize a new life together the way these do, and few other gifts with this symbolism are so easy to keep and display in the home. By choosing sand clocks for weddings you're showing the couple that they now share a new beginning and have set aside their old lives together, and you're doing it in a way that is attractive and appreciated. Decorative Touch Choosing sand clocks for wedding gifts is also a good idea since they go with any décor of a home. If you pick artwork or other decorative items for wedding gifts you may choose something that is not going to fit in their home.

However, sand clocks are timeless and classic and go with any type of décor, be it modern or traditional, bright and bold or earthy and neutral. Some also find that sand clocks are best displayed outside or in an office, and in these areas too they fit right in no matter the surrounding décor. They also never go out of style, so you don't need to worry about their finish or their shape clashing with changes a couple might make to their home sometime down the road. Choosing sand clocks as wedding gifts means items that are unique and personal and that can be handed down for generations. Gifts like these are appreciated by all couples and will be kept for years to come. They're a conversation piece and something that will never go out of style. So if you have some weddings coming up for which you need gift ideas, why not choose sand clocks for the happy couple?