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3 Minute Antique Wood Sand Timer - Pewter or Copper


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Made from recycled industrial artifacts, this 3 minute hourglass is a beautiful and unique piece! Great for use as egg timer, time out, fancy game timer just to name a few.

Quick Overview

  • Made from WWII era bobbins / thread spindles
  • Measures 3 minutes of time
  • Made in the United Kingdom
  • Metal and/or wood base

These 3 minute timers are made of recycled industrial artifacts dating back to WWII. They are composed of antique wood spools found in abandoned textile mills in England. As with all antique and hand-made items, the colors and decorations vary from piece to piece. We consider this to be a special part of their history and character.


  • Available with pewter or copper accents
  • 1 1/4"D x 5"H 
  • White sand

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Ann H.
Keeping Time

This timer is perfect for our games of Rummikub. It keeps good time and it’s rustic look is a lot nicer to have out on the table than it’s plastic relations. Maybe I will start a collection!

Kari S.
Not as shown - one end not capped

I pressed six of these as client gifts and when they arrived, only one end (the skinnier end) was capped in pewter.
They are super light and a bit inexpensive looking.
When I contacted customer service to ask why they weren’t as shown, they stated that every piece is unique. I think it’s wrong. It was too much to send all six back so I kept them. But I don’t feel great about giving these to my clients as gifts. Very disappointed.

I'm sorry you are unhappy with the hourglasses! Per the email I sent you: 'Because of how these frames are sourced, from old cotton factories, every batch we receive is slightly different (in this case only one end was wrapped in pewter, sometimes the wood is darker or lighter etc)'. We have similar wording on the product pages for the bobbin hourglasses as we understand it's hard to purchase items online when they aren't mass produced to look identical. The weight is actually more a function of the glass itself as there's not much sand in them to give them weight. I hope your clients like them!
The Justhourglasses Team

Betty A.
A gift of time

My son in law introduced me to your antique hourglass he purchased for the perfect timed cup of tea. What I found intriguing was reusing antique bobbins! Mine has now arrived and I will use it for timing games like Mah-Jongg and Rummikub. Love it.

Russel M.
Great little timer

This little timer is awesome. If you like plastic crap made in China then you will not like this. If you like quality hand made products, do not hesitate to buy these products.


Delivered on time, it has rustic look and very cute. I like it.

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