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Bronzed 30 Minute Hourglass


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This 30 minute hourglass is a true collectors model that can be displayed as your desk accessory or table centerpiece in your home or office. Brass timer on sturdy, attractive wood stand. Colors are bronze and brown.

18th C. industrial design, bronze and wood. Collectable because of their combined historical and practical value. Some glasses measured up to two hours, used at a time when church pews were designed by the Inquisition to torture the human back. Ship’s hourglasses were calibrated to the half hours of the ship’s watch, and if the helmsman didn’t turn the glass too early it actually doubled in defining longitude. Navigators tried to keep count of the hours: the galleons wrecked on the Western Australian reefs remind us of the perils of incorrectly kept time. To appreciate the important symbolism of the hourglass observe, Renaissance painted still lives, also called Vanitas, filled with symbolism and morals. They very often depict hourglasses.


  • 3.25" D x 5.25" H

Hourglass Sand Timer Accuracy

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Quality product

Heavy for it's size and really excellent quality. Would highly recommend.

George G. George
Just As Expected

The hour frame is very sturdy in construction weighty and solid. The base is solid wood - not imitation. It is well prepared and natural looking. The hourglass itself is appropriately delicate with the sand dropping in an even stream.

The product was safely packaged in order to ensure that the glass would not break during shipping. Everything was wrapped up well inside the mailing box.

Diane D. Diane
Perfect match

Well made. beautiful grain in the wood. Gave to my husband to replace the one we had on our boat that broke.

Fast dependable. Well packaged

Henry Hieftje H.H. Henry H.
Legal one and Tusan one

Very well made. As a reselt I am ordering another with the Legal scales on the base.


mark w m.w. mark w.
good value

excellent craftsmanship


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